Recently, pictures of Davcihi’s Kang Min Kyung in Supernova’s MV for “Stupid Love” are gaining attention because her breasts look larger than past pictures. An online community board recently put up the pictures comparing Kang Min Kyung with the title, “Kang Min Kyung’s past body which is a bit different from hers now.”

Unfortunately, the posts have reached the ears and eyes of Kang Min Kyung. Her agency stated on April 20, “Recently there are pictures on the internet that compare her body. Most Netizens are giving her compliments, but some of them are saying that she has received plastic surgery on her breasts.”

The representative continued, “Kang Min Kyung is very hurt after hearing the rumors. She has never received plastic surgery on her breasts. Her body just looks different depending on how you take pictures.”  

What are your thoughts?