Singer Kang Min Kyung from duo Davichi has transformed herself into a tomboy.

On May 30, Kang Min Kyung tweeted, “Today I am not Miss Min Kyung, but Mister Min Kyung” and uploaded some additional pictures to show netizens what she meant.

The picture reveals Min Kyung wearing a short coupe while expressing manly facial features. Also, her button-up shirts, pants, and necktie help to give off the tomboy look.

Netizens were thrilled to see this new side of her and praised her look by commenting, “Even when you look manly, you still look charismatic!” “This is the first time that I see such a pretty man” and “I like the way you pose.”

In the meanwhile, Kang Min Kyung is now known as the healthy girl since her participation with the “Nike Women’s Race.”