Last week, the talented duo Davichi announced that they’d make their first comeback after 1 year and 3 months. The two ladies confirmed the news by uploading a picture on their Twitter showing an image of them holding up the signs “come” and “back.” They seemed so excited for this comeback.

Davichi’s newest mini album “Love Delight” was supposed to be released on August 29th, but yesterday (August 26th) the whole album was leaked. As the result, all songs were uploaded and shared on netizens’ blogs, forums and even on Youtube, everything is being spread over the Internet without concern. After the leak, Davichi’s members confessed that they felt so suprised and upset. Their agency said “Until we finish recording, everything is still okay.” The agency also said that it would be difficult for them to change the release date.

Davichi will hold their first comeback performance on September 2nd on KBS Music Bank‘.


[Even though “Love Delight” was leaked, we still hope you all support Davichi by purchasing their album] .