It’s pretty much impossible not to like DAY6‘s Jae. He’s funny, witty, smart, cute, playful, sweet, empathetic, handsome… The list goes on!


There’s really no denying that this talented man is easily top-notch boyfriend material, but in case you needed evidence to prove it, here are 18 of countless reasons why it’s true!

1. He would be so fun to go on long road trips with and sing at the top of your lungs together.

1 wompli

1.1 wompli

2. Where’s the lie?

3. Model boyfriend AF.




4. Couple motorcycle ride? Yesss.

3 bbyllyneee

3.2 bbyllyneee

5. Of course there would be endless delicious food dates.

4 bbyllyneee

6. He is a stunner in aesthetic Polaroid pictures.

6 doughpil

6.2 doughpil

6.3 doughpil

7. You can’t forget that he’s a literal rock star…



8. … And he would probably serenade you as a romantic gesture!



9. He’s just such a big sweetheart.

10. Who could not want to snuggle with this cutie?

10 bbyllyneee

10.2 bbyllyneee

10 bubbaxjae

11. His laugh is so infectious!

12. Imagine this beautiful smile directed at you every day.

12 __missmidori

12 ddowoonieee


13. He’d probably be a great and passionate cameraman for you!

13 parkjaenius

14. He has perfected the cute, casual, but still fashionable boyfriend look.

14 bbyllyneee

15. He’s adorable and charming without even trying.

16. Casual nights in would still be fun with this entertaining guy!

11 doughpil

11.1 doughpil

17. What a sweet charmer ❤️

18. Jae knows he’s boyfriend material!