Band DAY6 achieved an impressive feat on their first appearance on “Immortal Songs!”

On the January 27 episode of KBS2’s “Immortal Songs,” singers recreated songs by ballad singer Lee Sang Woo.

DAY6 was the third group to perform on stage. The group showcased a rearranged version of Lee Sang Woo’s “Now” with their own twist, using powerful band sounds and exceptional vocals.

After their performance, DAY6 shared, “I think we would have been less jittery if we performed our song, but we were very nervous because we performed a legendary song in front of a legendary singer.”

In response, Lee Sang Woo praised the band by saying, “The members are all great at singing. I think I found a great band in a long while.”

DAY6 scored their first win with 411 votes, beating competing singer Kim Yong Jin.

As the group came down from the stage excited and surprised by the results, the members asked in disbelief, “Is this a prank?”

Check out DAY6’s great performance:

Watch the latest episode of “Immortal Songs” below!

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