DAY6 recently came back with the mini album “Remember Us: Youth Part 2.”

The album performed well on charts worldwide and domestic, ranking within the Top 50 of a domestic music site and reaching as high as No. 2 on realtime charts.

In an interview, Sungjin said, “We decided to take on a new challenge. We had more confidence than before. We have more self-esteem than we did when we debuted. That kind of feeling goes into the music, right? We wanted to make music fearlessly.”

Wonpil said, “When we released our debut song, it didn’t live up to our expectations. We realized it wasn’t necessary for us to cling to chart numbers alone. I really like the music we make. As more people came to like us because they liked our music, I became less anxious about DAY6 and the music that DAY6 makes. As we make more music, our self-esteem and confidence increase.”

As a band that plays instruments, DAY6 has been walking a different path from their JYPE labelmates like 2PM, TWICE, and GOT7.

When talking about their agency, Young K said, “We are heavily involved in the production process. In a situation like that, even the little things that company employees told us were a big help. JYP’s motto was that we need to become known through our songs, so it took a while. Because the music had to come first. But producer Park Jin Young gave us a lot of freedom to challenge new things.”

Jae added, “Last year we did the ‘Every DAY6’ project. We put out an album every month and a music video as well. This was possible only because our agency believed in us.”

Sungjin said, “The only thing we do ourselves is make music. We get a lot of help from JYP. The new album is different from the music we’ve done before, but we tried not to lose our unique color. In the future, we aim to try lots of different genres as well.”

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