JYP Entertainment’s representative band, DAY6, recently shot a pictorial for the December issue of Allure Korea, where they discussed their Every DAY6 project and other topics regarding their music.

On approaching the end of their Every DAY6 project, the members commented, “There were difficult parts, but if you look at it as a whole, it was a fun and fresh experience.”

Leader Sungjin relayed his thoughts, saying, “[We] worked really hard. Will there ever be a time in my life where I work with as much passion?” At the same time, Wonpil shared, “This year is not the end of DAY6. There will be exciting things next year as well.”

When asked to choose the most memorable moment among DAY6’s various concerts, Dowoon picked the showcase for the group’s first official album, which was held at the same venue as their debut performance. He explained, “As the drummer, I see the backs of our members, and [at that moment] I thought, ‘We’ve done well.’”

Finally, DAY6 was asked about the moment they felt certainty regarding their music, to which Young K replied, “When I first heard our debut track “Congratulations,” I thought ‘This is it!’ I thought I would be proud of my music if I did this [track].”

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