It has been announced that DBSK, BoA, and After School are in the line-up for Avex’s “A-Nation 10th Anniversary For Life Charge & Go!” concert tour. 

Since 2002, the summer concert tour has been hosted by Avex with the line-up of artists featuring their top musicians. During the weekends of August, many different artists are scheduled to perform.

After School will perform on 8/13, 8/21, and 8/27. Although DBSK will perform on all seven days, BoA will only perform on 8/21 and 8/28.

Avex is a holding company in Japan who famously helped bring DBSK and BoA into the Japanese music scene. 2NE1, Clazziquai, f(x), SHINee, The Grace, Super Junior, TRAX, and U-kiss have also signed with Avex in hopes of breaking into the Japanese market.

Source: a-nation Official Site