Popular boy group DBSK confessed that they were arrogant at the time of their debut in Japan. The duo recently recorded an episode of KBS’s “Talk Show Do Dream” and opened up about their 

They revealed, “We debuted in Japan when we were at the peak of our popularity in Korea. As such, we were pretty arrogant in thinking that we would have already secured a fan base in Japan.” 

However, prior to DBSK, no other Korean boy group had set a precedent in Japan. As such, they had to start from the bottom again, performing in front a hundred fans, a small audience for DBSK who were one of the most popular groups in Korea. In the end, they were able to secure a fan base that was big enough to fill Tokyo Dome and build a way for K-Pop to grow in Japan. 

You can hear more about DBSK’s stories about their success in Japan on tomorrow’s episode of “Talk Show Do Dream” on KBS on October 6, at 10:25PM KST. 

DBSK is currently in the middle of promotions for its sixth album “Catch Me” and will hold its first comeback stage on KBS’s Music Bank”  tonight, October 5.