Following the recent success of “Superstar“, it has been confirmed that DBSK will release a new Japanese album on September 28th – their first as a duo.

The still-untitled album will tentatively include thirteen tracks, with six tracks already confirmed. Japanese versions of “Keep Your Head Down” and “MAXIMUM“, as well as “Superstar“, “I Don’t Know“, “Thank You My Girl“, which was used for their 7net ad campaign, and “I Think U Know” will all appear on this new album.

In addition, different versions will also include DVDs with various footage such as MVs, Off Shot movies, and live footage from their Makuhari Messe Fan Meeting, held last February in Chiba. A CD-only version will include 2 additional tracks.

DBSK is currently promoting their new single “Superstar”, which has peaked at #2 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Charts, and #1 on the Oricon Daily Singles Charts.

Source: Dongbangdata,