DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin have recently posed for a 1950s theme photo shoot for the September issue of “Cosmo Men.”

As their 10 year anniversary since their debut is coming up next year, the two members were asked if they prepared anything. Yunho replied, “I want to hold an event to spend time with the fans. I don’t want to hold just any show but I want to give live performances that the fans can enjoy all together.”

Changmin also spoke about their recent success in Japan. He said, “Just the fact that we are able to participate in the Japanese music industry along with other worldwide artists makes us feel very happy. Of course, we don’t think we can view those artists easily just because we broke a record. But we would like to keep breaking records so when a different artist breaks our record, our name can be brought up again.”

“We hope that DBSK’s music and stage won’t take any steps backward. We want to be a team that always tries hard and goes for new things,” said the two members of DBSK. This interview along with the pictorial can be found in “Cosmo Men.”