DBSK conveyed their excitement for the “SM Town Live” concert. On August 31st through the official SM Town Official Facebook they stated, “This is DBSK. Currently we are excited and also a bit worked about the Tokyo concert.”

In the picture both members of DBSK are wearing black and they both look very neat. Both of them are making V signs.

Fans that have come across the picture have stated, “I Am really looking forward to your concert,” “DBSK is the best,” “You look great, I will cheer for you, fighting.”

DBSK will appear on the SM Town Live in Tokyo Special Edition that will be going on from September 2-4.

DBSK’s Yunho will join the casting crew of KBS’s upcoming drama, “Poseidon.” According to the production company, Yunho was supposed to be one of the main characters of the drama, however, due to his busy overseas schedule. They decided to keep him as a cameo role instead.

Yunho’s role is Kang Eun Chul, a smart and established strategic manager of Poseidon. His character will mainly be in conflict with Sun Woo, the stubborn and principle-based role played by SM labelmate Siwon

Poseidon” is produced by Yoo Chul Yong, who’s best known for 2003 SBS drama “All In.” The drama featuring a star-studded lineup of Lee Sung Jae, Lee Shi Young, and Choi Siwon, as well as DBSK’s Yunho, will film its first episode on August 10th.