Soompi reported yesterday that DBSK ranked number two on the daily Oricon Chart with their newest Japanese single “Superstar,” and many Soompiers voiced their desire to see DBSK reach the number one spot. It looks as though Japanese Cassies felt the same way because DBSK ranked number one on today’s daily singles Oricon chart with “Superstar.”

“Superstar” was released on the 20th, and according to the daily singles chart for the 22nd, DBSK sold 48,952 copies of “Super Star” to date. 

In the past, DBSK ranked #1 on the weekly Oricon chart with “Why” in the beginning of the year on February 7th when 230,000 copies of the album were sold during the first week of its release. Hopefully the same will happen for “Superstar”!

Also, DBSK will be be on the Japanese music program “Music Station” today.

Congratulations to DBSK and their fans!

Source: Naver | Oricon Style