On July 4, sports and celebrity newspaper Sankei Sports announced that DBSK will sing the theme song “SCREAM” for the horror movie ‘Sadako 3D 2.’

Sadako 3D 2″ is the sequel to the popular horror movie series “Sadako 3D,” which collected 13 million dollars in box office hits last May. Producer Kobayashi Tsuyoshi commented that “we plan to combine DBSK’s Asia-wide popularity with heavy atmosphere of ‘The Ring’ to create a new wave of excitement and anticipation.

Sadako 3D 2″ will  be released on August 30, first in Japan, then in Korea, Hong Kong, and Russia. In total, “Sadako 3D 2″ will release in six different countries. DBSK’s single for “SCREAM” will be released in Japan a few days later on September 4.

DBSK is currently holding its “Catch Me” live world tour in Lima and Santiago.