Producer Yang Dong Il of KBS “Entertainment Weekly” announced on October 11, “This week’s guest star for ‘Guerilla Date’ segment is DBSK. They will join us near Hongdae area and have an opportunity to communicate with fans.” He added, “Since they haven’t been back to Korea in a while, this would be a great chance for them to shine as well as their fans to see down-to-earth sides of them, not as onstage stars DBSK, but as just another couple of guys in their 20s.” 

DBSK had their last guerilla date on “Entertainment Weekly” in January 2011. The filming crew of “Entertainment Weekly” is more ready than they were a year and nine months ago. An anonymous member of the filming crew told reporters that they have prepared different questions, props, routines, and so on to make everything more interesting and less hectic, as they expect a great number of people to gather around DBSK.

Meanwhile, DBSK released their new album “Catch Me” on September and officially kicked off their promotion in Korea. “Catch Me” was ranked highly on all major music streaming charts. DBSK’s guerilla date on KBS “Entertainment Weekly” will be aired on October 13.