DBSK is set to make their Korean comeback in the second half of this year, local media Joynews 24 reported on April 24.

According to the report, DBSK said, “We’re working towards the goal of returning in the second half of this year,” before their “2012 DBSK Live Tour Tone” concert in Osaka, Japan.

DBSK continued, “In the first half, we focused on our Japanese promotions, but we think our Korean fans are waiting for us a lot too. We’re planning to get closer to our fans in Korea with a new look very soon.”

“We haven’t finalized on our exact promotions date, but we’d like to come up with good results at the right time. We’d also like to hold a concert and there are plans for it soon,” DBSK added.

Meanwhile, DBSK also commented on what they wanted to do once the Japanese concert was over. “I’d like to take some rest after the concert. The concert lasts for about three hours, and it’s hard to ignore the fatigue. It’s true that I’m very exhausted now, but the ‘final’ logo gives me a lot of strength,” Yunho said.

“First of all, I’d like to relieve some stress by drinking with my friends. We’re working hard to come up with a good image through an album or something within this year. In order to produce a good album, I’ll take some rest after the concert,” Changmin said.