In a recent TV appearance, Five Fingers, who originally sang “Balloons“, revealed that they asked for signed CDs in exchange for DBSK to be able to record the song.

During the interview segment of Mnet’s “Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST“, the band said that, “when DBSK’s representative contacted us and asked if they could change the lyrics of ‘Balloons’ from ‘yellow balloons’ to ‘red balloons’ to match the color of DBSK’s fanclub, we said no at first. (But later) We agreed on the condition that we receive ten signed CDs from DBSK. We’re grateful because the opportunity was used to remember ‘Balloons’ once more.”

The lyrics of DBSK’s version of “Balloons” were eventually changed from the original “yellow balloons” to  “red balloons”, a reference to DBSK’s official fanclub whose official color is Pearl Red. DSBK’s “Balloons” was released in 2006 in the repackaged version of “O Jung. Ban. Hap.“, the band’s third Korean album.

Source: TV Report, dongbangdata