The Korean Entertainment Producers Association has confirmed that, at present, DBSK will not perform at the Dream Concert.

KEPA and SM Entertainment met to discuss the matter and came to the conclusion that it would be very difficult to get the group to perform.

However, in their announcement, they also gave a touch of hope. If the matter is out of courts by the time of the concert, there would be a possibility of DBSK performing. An announcement would be made if that was going to be the case.

In addition to this announcement, the association also announced that Big Bang, who were in doubt for non-legal reasons, will be performing at the concert.

What is also interesting is that in the current light of 2PM scandal, there was no mention of them, as they were to perform at the concert.

Either way, we have just under a month left until the concert is held on the October 10th. Let’s hope by then all the issues surrounding the performances will be cleared up so DBSK can perform at the concert.