On the most recent episode of KBS “Entertainment Relay” that was aired on April 28, there was a segment that featured DBSK’s most recent concert “DBSK Japan Live Tour ‘Tone’” at Osaka Kyocera Dome.

DBSK and fans had a very energized and passionate concert. Toward the end of the concert, Yunho started to cry. He said through his tears, “I am very happy right now because this is a very meaningful concert.” Fans were especially touched by his tears because Yunho is not normally one to cry. As a result, many fans cried along with him.

Meanwhile, DBSK garnered an audience of over 550,000 during this tour. Specifically, due to the request of many fans, there was an additional concert day added at the Tokyo dome resulting in a three-day attraction of 165,000 fans. In 2009, DBSK set a record for garnering an audience of 300,000 during its 21 concerts. This year, DBSK broke its own record.
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