DBSK’s Yunho has dropped out of SBS “Kiss & Cry” due to his busy schedule. The producer of the show told local media, “Yunho voluntarily withdrew from the show because of his tight schedule.”

“Kiss & Cry” has proceeded to the fourth round so far. On August 2nd, the recoding for the fifth round was held, but Yunho and his partner Claudia did not take part in it.

Despite his busy schedule, Yunho did his best to find time to train for his performances on “Kiss & Cry.” In fact, he showed tremendous athleticism and dancing skills in the previous round, ending up at second. But with his “a-nation” concert that has kept him in Japan a lot of times, he couldn’t manage to find enough time to practice and film for the show, and finally decided to withdraw from it this week.

Here’s a video of one of the best performances he had on the show. Enjoy!