On October 23, DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin made a guest appearance on MBC RADIO’s “Shindong’s Shimshimtapa,” humoring listeners with their funny conversation. During the show, DJ Shindong (Super Junior) asked Changmin, “Honestly, if you were to take out his charisma and compared just on looks, do you think you’re better looking than Yunho hung? Yes or no?” 

Without a moment’s hesitation, Changmin firmly answered, “Yes.” The answer caught Shindong off-guard, and Changmin explained, “Yunho hyung is very charismatic, but if you were to look at just the face, I’m better looking.” 

Yunho tried to play it cool by agreeing, “Changmin has a better looking face than I do.” However, he amused everyone when a lie detector revealed that he was lying. 

Meanwhile, DBSK made their comeback with “Catch Me” late September and has been sweeping off countless music charts. Last week, they sold out all of its upcoming Seoul concert tickets in only three minutes.