Last week’s Oricon Singles Charts have just been released, and DBSK‘s new single “Superstar” is ranked second.

In it’s first week, “Superstar” moved between first and second place on Oricon’s daily charts, and sold nearly 80,000 copies in its first day. With total first week sales of 158,870 copies, DBSK are only behind NMB48, who proved to be their biggest competitiors on the daily charts. Oricon recorded sales of nearly 220,000 copies for NMB48 this past week, approximately 60,000 more than “Superstar”.

DBSK have recently appeared on “Happy Music”, NHK’s “Music Japan” and TV Asahi’s “Music Station”, among other music programs, in order to promote the single. There is no word yet on a follow-up release, nor has an album been confirmed for release.

Source: ContinueTVXQ,