DBSK, who has officially started their “Catch Me” promotions, has confirmed that they will be going on a world tour.

The first stop on DBSK’s world tour will be in Seoul on November 17 and 18. DBSK will be showing off their special and unique performances with their colorful charms. It is expected that both shows will quickly be sold out as fans are highly anticipating a high-quality show.

The concert in Seoul will be DBSK’s first in four years since 2009. It is also DBSK’s first ever world tour.

DBSK will not only meet their Korean fans but their international fans all over the world. International fan tour packages can be purchased through the SM C&C. Starting with Seoul, DBSK will travel to China, Thailand and other countries around the globe for their world tour.

DBSK is still actively promoting their title track, “Catch Me” at the moment.