During yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Hello,” DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin talked about their dating style. The story began with Mr. Song Jun Ho talking about his problem of having his wife watch over every thing he does. 

Yunho started, “I was never the type to obsess over my girlfriend. However, I feel that that you need a right balance. When I allowed my past girlfriends all the freedom she wanted, I realized that they were actually hurt over it.” Changmin added, “I used to be pretty obsessive, but as time went by, I realized we were both getting stressed over it. There’s no reason to continue seeing each other if you’re stressed.” 

Regarding a peek into their love life, MC Shin Dong Yup responded, “Before, you guys used to be very careful about revealing your love life, but now that its been nine years since your debut, you seem more comfortable talking about it.” Yunho replied, “I’m actually getting scared of myself,” causing everyone on set to burst into laughter.