DBSK’s Yunho showed his appreciation to the younger artists leading K-Pop’s next wave and gave his two cents on how to sustain their global popularity.

Yunho met with local press on April 23, ahead of the “2012 Live Tour Tone,” DBSK’s Osaka concert in Japan. He said, “I’m happy to see my hoobaes actively promote overseas, as representatives of Korea. But to become even better, I wish they (younger artists) would try to sincerely understand other countries’ culture when going abroad.”

“The fans know the true heart. The artists are doing very well now, so I hope they will keep their focus and continue doing as well as they are now,” he added.

Meanwhile, DBSK just wrapped up their Japan tour concert, visiting nine cities such as Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Fukui, Osaka, and Saitama. They had more than 26 concerts, bringing in over 550,000 fans in total, making it the largest K-Pop concert tour in history.