Yunho, from group DBSK, has revealed that he has fallen in love with beautifying his house.

He has recently had time to sit down with OSEN for an interview. He started, “I spent most of my time outside in the past, but have recently spent more time inside.” He added, “I’m into decorating my place these days.”

He continued with a smile, “I want to do everything that I can. I ride a bike around my neighborhood and even visit the district government office. I like buying clothes at Dongdaemun and have been taking pictures lately. I’ve recently went to a playground and was able to enjoy my time without anyone discovering my identity.”

He has even taken public transportation and visited the fish market, made bets with his friends on who could get the best deal. He explained, “My personality isn’t the type to enjoy spending lots of time with people. I prefer spending time quietly at home.”

In other news, DBSK has released their 6th album “Catch Me” on September 26. The two members have made their comeback on KBS’s “Music Bank” and will also perform their title track “Catch Me” on MBC’s “Music Core” on October 6 and SBS’s “Inkigayo” on October 7.

Soompiers, what do you think of Yunho’s latest hobby?