Yunho, from duo DBSK, reveals the level of the group’s popularity.

DBSK recently made a guest appearance on KBS’s variety talk show “Story Show Do Dream” with fellow labelmate Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Kyu Hyun.

On this day, he was asked “There have been a lot of idol groups coming out these days. Have you ever felt worried about the popularity?” He responded, “I actually asked an elementary student passing by, ‘Do you know DBSK?’ and there wasn’t really a response.” He continued, “Afterwards, I took off the mask that I was wearing and asked him, ‘Do you know Yunho?’ and he responded, ‘I don’t know. Why do you keep asking me?’”

He said, “It’s probably because most of the fans are now in their 20s and our non-active period was too long. This time, we tried to reach out to the elementary students by including choreography they would like” causing much laughter within the studio.

Soompiers, which idols do you think are the most popular among elementary students? Could it be Orange Caramel because of their family friendly concepts?