These three former castmates are friendship goals in Seo Hyo Rim’s and Girl’s Day’s Minah’s latest Instagram updates.

On April 2, actress Seo Hyo Rim shared a photo with her fellow “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” co-stars On Joo Wan and Minah. The picture was taken backstage at the Seoul Arts Center after Seo Hyo Rim and Minah showed up to support On Joo Wan at his musical “Yun Dong Ju Shoots the Moon.”

Seo Hyo Rim wrote, “My eyes are swollen because I cried through the whole thing. I cried again when I saw On Joo Wan crying at his curtain call. I think [the musical] will be lingering in my mind for quite a while. It’s so sad that today was the last showing. #Join us next time, Namgoong Min!! #Please support Girl’s Day’s new song.”

Minah also posted a photo to her Instagram with the caption, “I just watched the last showing of the musical ‘Yun Dong Ju Shoots the Moon’! It’s such a shame that it was the last showing. The musical made my heart ache and compelled me to think about our [country’s] history. I really hope there will be another showing soon! On Joo Wan was really cool [in the musical]!”

Meanwhile, the castmates of “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” demonstrated their close relationships a few months ago when Seo Hyo Rim and Minah sent a coffee truck to Namgoong Min after having a mini reunion as well.

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