Junsu of 2PM was missing during 2PM’s K-Chart win on Music Bank this week due to an injured knee. He then goes on Twitter to thanks his fans and assures them that he is okay and they shouldn’t worry. This is posted with a picture of him with what is most likely a hospital admittance bracelet and a peace sign. A couple hours after this tweet, he follows up by assuring fans that he is ok:

“i feel kinda sad cuz my right knee told me “ill be ok in 3months” so.. im sry and thank u guys fo wry bout my knee..ill get well soon :)”

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After this adorable tweet Junsu then surprised people by performing the rest of the weekend with the 2PM boys while wearing a cast and limiting his movements to a minimum amount. By the end of the weekend, he also posted a tweet showing fans how Nichkhun is still practicing his Korean, but instead of leaving a note, he decides to write it on Junsu’s cast. He meant to tell Junsu to get better, but accidentally writes “낳 아라” which basically means to be pregnant.

“Khun left a msg when I was sleepin. 쿤아..im not pregnant.. U shud hav written 나아라 de42 wuteva thanx man”

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Hopefully Junsu will recover quickly and also take it easy so it does not relapse. Since his knee told him it will be better in three months, it means that this will overlap with 2PM’s touring schedule with the Wonder Girls. Does this mean that Junsu will still be in his leg cast? Or does it only mean he will not be doing the more strenuous dance moves? What it does mean is that fangirls (and boys) alike can put on their oven mitts and start baking Junsu some “Get Well Soon” pastries.

Follow up on Junsu’s tweet by following “Jun2daKAY” as well as the other OneDay boys.





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Lastly, let’s wish Junsu a fast and successful recovery!