Demand for Ailee’s second mini album “A’s Doll House” is very high, according to Sports World.

Shortly after Ailee’s new song “U and I” was released, it swept the number one spot on seven music charts, including the Mobile Coloring chart.

A's Doll House

When the album went up for sale in stores on July 16, initial shipments were wiped out due to the high number of orders. The manufacturers are currently under stress to produce more albums as more orders come in.

A representative from Ailee’s agency, Windmill Media, said, “Considering existing sales from the previous album, we made more albums than last time. It’s alarming that all of them were sold out on the first day. This is really rare in today’s music market.”

The representative also added, “We have put in more orders since the stock is empty but it’s a difficult situation because the orders keep coming in. The rate at which this album is selling is many times greater than the previous album’s.”

Regarding the success of her new album, Ailee said, “I didn’t know I’d be receiving this much love and support. I can’t express my gratitude in words. Before my comeback, I was really upset because I hurt my leg but because of everyone’s love, I feel better. I will get better soon and show everyone my best.”

Looks like Ailee is taking the music industry by storm!