One of the scriptwriters for “Descendants of the Sun,” Kim Won Suk, has given his final opinion on the rumors of a second season.

“I have no plans for a second season,” he said in an interview on April 19. “I’ve already told the story I wanted to tell. I hope that Yoo Si Jin will lead a happy life in the future without any more trouble.”

Kim Won Suk co-wrote the “Descendants of the Sun” script with Kim Eun Sook, and many viewers are curious as to what his next project will be.

“I want to write a historical drama,” he said. “I also want to try writing in the 19+ genre. I am curious if the Korean drama industry will produce more adult dramas in the future.”

It looks like “Descendants of the Sun” won’t be getting a second season (at least from the same writers), but you can still watch its full run on Viki!

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