Designer Danha Seoul was interviewed by David from DKDKTV where she revealed new information about her famous collaboration with BLACKPINK.


One of the highlights for BLINKs was how Danha revealed that she is also a big fan of the group! This made the company’s purchase even more special to her as a fangirl.

I’ve actually been a fan of BLACKPINK’s for a while now, since the ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ era. I always used to play it in the car on my commute. The new song is also really good. It’s not because they’re wearing my clothes, it’s just a really good song.

When asked to pick a bias, Danha settled on one member quickly.

[My favorite member] is Jennie. I think she’s very pretty and she’s the type of image that girls like. She has that very classy, cat-like image.

Moreover, it was Jennie who wore the hanbok best, in her humble opinion.

It’s not because she’s my favorite member, but when I saw Jennie, it’s like she was born with it. It looked so good on her.

After showing the hanbok Jennie wore to the viewers, Danha revealed what kind of alterations were made for the girls.

Jennie wore the dopo style hanbok which is slightly longer than this one. And they cut it up to here and made the bottom part a skirt. That’s how they customized it. They made it shorter so it’s better for the performance.

While Jennie’s outfit is sold out, fans can buy a similar style for $426.30 USD.

pink floral

Meanwhile, Rosé‘s fruit patterned top retails for $116.67 USD.

fruit pattern

Check out the full video below!