Powerful girl group 2NE1 and world renowned fashion designer Jeremy Scott are certainly no strangers.  The ladies have been sporting the famous designer’s items since their “Fire” days.  They have even teamed up to promote his Adidas Originals line in Korea.  Jeremy Scott had discovered the fierce women through the Internet, where he saw their “Lollipop” and “Fire” music videos wearing his clothes.  On his next trip to Korea he was determined to meet 2NE1 and so he did, and it was kismet as Jeremy Scott and 2NE1 got along extremely well.  Recently, the fab man of fashion spoke about his feelings for the force that are the ladies of 2NE1 in an interview with nothing but high praise.  Here is what he had to say:

“They are not fake, not manufactured. They are not, like wearing things that they are told to wear and not liking it. They love what they wear and they each have their own taste. I love the success of K-Pop that has been happening internationally but they kind of draw a line; there’s like K-pop groups (here) and 2NE1 (there).”

He even went on to mention that leader CL is one of his muses.  Jeremy Scott had originally learned about K-Pop music through 2NE1, and this discovery led him to be chosen to be on the panel of judges for Project Runway Korea season three.

Source: Korean Herald
Photo: Korean Herald
Translation: YG United