Designer Song Hye Myung (age 37) suddenly posted a series of messages that led people to think that she used to date SS501‘s Park Jung Min (age 26) through an on-again/off-again relationship, which is stirring up a lot of responses from the Web.

On October 29, Song Hye Mung posted the long message on SNS account and started off by saying, “Thanks for making me into a loser.” Song Hye Myung began to vent about her relationship, clothing sponsors and the dishonest attitudes of a certain person, who is thought to be Park Jung Min.

She continued, “You didn’t take responsibilities of your actions and acted like you didn’t even care,” and “I told you to approach your new company about this but I was treated as if I was trying to take advantage of you and I couldn’t even get a hold of you.”

She kept going, “You called me last November but… because you were going through complicated and difficult things, you let me go again,” and “You did what you did best, you cut me off and I became a fool to your company’s people.”

And also, “I don’t know if you were on and off with me with someone else in your heart. Then that means you were lying to me,” and “What exactly was I to you? Was I someone who you could use easily when you needed me?” And finally, “I just want you to respect me” and “I broke all the gifts you gave to me. I want you to burn all the gifts I gave to you too.”

In reality, Song Hye Myung and Park Jung Min shared a long-time friendship. Park Jung Min walked on the runway for Song Hye Myung’s fashion show this past April as well.

Afterwards, sources of Park Jung Min stated, “The relationship between the two is not of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship like Ms. Song revealed,” and “We don’t think this will be much of a problem.”