Following confirmation from Park Yoochun’s agency that he will be marrying an individual named Hwang Ha Na, details about their relationship have surfaced.

A source close to Park Yoochun spoke with news outlet Osen and said, “It’s true that Park Yoochun is marrying Hwang Ha Na this upcoming fall. They have carefully developed their love with only a few close acquaintances knowing about their relationship.”

The source continued, “After Park Yoochun’s scandal, Hwang Ha Na took special care of him while he was going through a difficult time. They naturally developed into becoming lovers this way and have decided to get married. The length of their dating period is not that long. However, Hwang Ha Na was a fan of his and Park Yoochun is head over heels for her.”

Another close source stated, “Park Yoochun currently has no ambitions regarding the entertainment industry. He’s actually even considering retirement. Of course he could start activities whenever he wants to, so it’s difficult to confirm retirement. For now he will not be active in showbiz.”

Other reports revealed details from Hwang Ha Na’s previous Instagram posts about her boyfriend and hints about their upcoming marriage. According to these reports, she showed off their couple hoodies last December and Park Yoochun proposed to her on March 14 (White Day). She did not explicitly say she got proposed to, but wrote about “how moved she was” and how the gift “brought her to tears.” Furthermore, the reports state that she has since posted a wedding dress photo.

Despite various confirmations from Park Yoochun’s agency and inside sources, there have been some conflicting statements as well.

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