DIA also wrote a letter to their fans after member Eunjin announced her departure.

On May 7, Eunjin explained in a handwritten letter that she would be withdrawing from the group in order to focus on her health, which worsened last year.

DIA also expressed their thoughts and showed support for Eunjin through their official fan cafe. They wrote:

“Hello, this is DIA.

“We would like to apologize for announcing such news to the fans who have been curiously waiting for information about Eunjin.

“While we tried our best to be together with Eunjin for a long time, we were also very upset and hurt to see Eunjin being sick and having a hard time.

“We started together and wanted to be together until the end. We’re sad that we can’t do that, and more than anything, we feel very apologetic to you all.

“We will now be walking different paths, but we are going to respect her decision and support Eunjin, who gave it her all until the very end.

“We ask that AID [DIA’s fans] also support Eunjin. We would like to apologize again for worrying everyone.

“DIA will support Eunjin and always will be with her in our hearts. Thank you.”

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