As someone who is guilty of stanning waaay too many groups, I have tried to resist slipping into the Diamond life for as long as possible, even going so far as to avoid SEVENTEEN. But alas, I was unsuccessful, and now, I’ve fallen for them hook, line, and sinker. There’s a reason why these boys are booming: the visuals, the talent, the super catchy songs, the visually mesmerizing dances, the bromances — they’ve got it all! And while they’re still quite young, there are many things we can learn from these talented boys.

So here are 17 life lessons we can learn from SEVENTEEN. Some silly, some legit, all very(?) important:

1. Don’t give up…even when the odds are against you

Jeonghan 1 : Mingyu 0

2. Sometimes, not caring too much can be liberating

“I’m really happy” Awwww..

3. Surround yourself with friends who will celebrate you

Just make sure you’re not in a room with a low ceiling.

4. Be someone who shines upon others

Like an angel!

5. Don’t be afraid to fight for what is yours

But in a civil, respectful manner. And without the pushing part.

6. It’s okay to laugh at yourself

We don’t always need to take ourselves too seriously.

7. There is power in a smile!

Hoshi’s smile is life!

8. Manners can get you far in life

A “please,” a “thank you,” or.. a bow.

9. Persevere, even when it’s tough

You’ll end up feeling pretty proud of yourself for seeing it through.

10. Stay on track and don’t get easily distracted

Say “NO” to distractions and temptations!

11. With everything you do, do it from your heart

Yes, even when you’re making a boat.

12. Find yourself some friends who will accept you for who you are

Whether you’re as chill as Woozi, or as high as…basically everyone else.

13. When put in an awkward situation, crab walking is the way to go!

14. On a more serious note: Deal with conflict in a mature way…

I’m really impressed with how they dealt with their conflict in this “One Fine Day” episode. Basically, the two teams were getting super competitive and trying to outsmart each other, and both sides were getting a bit sensitive. After the “situation,” the three oldest members gathered everyone to talk it through. And not once (at least none that showed on camera), did they name names or blame anyone, but instead explained themselves clearly and spoke about how they felt instead. Real maturity here!

15. …and apologizing is not a sign of weakness

And Hoshi, who realized he was partly to blame for escalating the situation, admitted so and apologized.

16. Most importantly, concrete…is…hard

Don’t punch it!

17. And finally, some wise words from Mingyu sunbaenim

“Eat whatever you want to eat. And when a friend is driving, you shouldn’t sleep!” (glances at Seungkwan)

Are you a Carat, too? And who among the members is your bias and your bias-wrecker (cause we all know there’s bound to be one)? Let us know in the comments below!

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