DIA’s Jueun will be leading a new web drama!

On February 1, Urban-bnt confirmed that they will be producing a web drama about college dating titled “I Started Following Romance” (literal translation).

The production crew stated, “To increase the empathetic power of teens and people in their 20s, Jueun was cast as the leading female character.”

“I Started Following Romance” combines the love story of five men and women with various Instagram functions, such as DM (direct messaging), Instagram Story, comments, likes, hashtags, and more. It consists of a total of ten episodes against the backdrop of a university campus.

Director Hong Choong Ki is in charge of the web drama, and he is already a director who has been established with extensive planning and directing experiences in diverse fields, including web dramas, variety shows, and musicals. He explained that he wanted to create a new sense of entertainment through the excitement and empathy of today’s teens and people in their 20s, which is different from ordinary social networking sites.

The web drama will be released in April.

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