On July 31, former T-ara member Hwayoung tweeted, “To my fans, I apologize for letting you down after all the love you’ve shown me. Please stop now and look forward to my more mature and improved self in the future. I’m sorry for making you worry. I also want to apologize to my Core Contents Media family. I’ll meet you all with a better image next time.”

While Hwayoung’s tweet appeared like any other statement, some netizens thought otherwise. They were able to uncover a hidden message in her tweet. Apparently, the first letters in each line formed a message, which reads, “Only fans know.”

Additionally, a photo titled “Hwayoung Office” has been posted on TiJinYo (We Demand the Truth from T-ara) online café and has since spread like wildfire among various various online communities. The individual who uploaded the photo claimed that Hwayoung was seen escorted into the Core Contents Media building and was forced to write her recent tweet. The individual explained that Hwayoung is still suffering from a leg injury and that the woman wore crutches and was being pulled by another to the office. However, there are others stating that it’s impossible to identify either of the woman with a photo of their backs.