Lee Hyori recently proved to the world that she’s a “Bad Girl,” but her fans know deep down that she’s a good girl who advocates animal rights and encourages charity culture in Korea. But, she is also known and loved for her blunt personality on variety shows and knowing when to go from glam to casual.

As such, it wasn’t a surprise when, on July 29, a cable channel uploaded a preview of Lee Hyori’s last variety program before her marriage titled “Lee Hyori’s X Unni.”

In the teaser, boyfriend and musician Lee Sang Soon asked if Fin.K.L. will sing the congratulatory song. However, it fell on deaf ears with Hyori busy typing away on her keyboard. She got up quickly because she had somewhere to go and he asked if he’s the only one taking care of the wedding planning.

“Lee Hyori’s X Unni” plans to air in August.