On August 1st, an Irish duo group named JEDWARD wrote on their official twitter saying that DBSK actually covered their song “Everyday Superstar” but of course in a different language. They stated: “It is so crazy there is this huge boyband called TVXQ in Asia who have covered our song everyday superstar and it is in a different language“. “TVXQ have sold like 10 million CDs and now their new single which is huge and is number 1 is a cover of our new song everyday superstar“.

After this revelation, many started wondering if SM Entertainment did actually buy the rights of the song and who covered who. It seems that both artists have the rights of the song from the same producer.

DBSK’s fans already started complaining to the Irish duo for stating that the song is actually theirs and DBSK made a japanese cover.

This is not the first time that DBSK’s songs gets into some kind of strange controversy. Remember back in 2008 when DBSK’s “Mirotic” got into controversy for alleged “plagiarism” from Sarah Connor’sUnder my Skin“.

Here are the two versions of the songs:





Source: Jedward’s Twitter