Big Hit Entertainment just revealed the tracklist for BTS‘s new album, and there are few interesting differences between the song titles.

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Five of BE‘s eight tracks have English titles: “Life Goes On”, “Blue & Grey”, “Skit”, “Stay”, and “Dynamite”.


The other three songs have official Korean and English titles that slightly differ. The English title for “내방을 여행하는법” is “Fly To My Room” but a more direct translation is “How to Travel My Room” or “The Way I Travel My Room”. “Telepathy” is the English title for “잠시”, which can also be translated to “For a Moment”.

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“Dis-ease” is English wordplay on the word “disease”. “Disease” stems from the old French word “desaise”, meaning “lack of ease”. The Korean title “병” translates to “disease” or “sickness”, but also “bottle”.

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Now, some fans are wondering if BTS’s primary English speaker RM is the one who came up with the “Dis-ease” wordplay.

BTS’s new album will BE released on November 20 at 2 PM (KST).