In a recent episode of Gomak Mates, rapper DinDin and soloist Jung Sewoon had an interesting conversation. DinDin asked Jung Sewoon out of curiosity if his older brother was married.

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Upon confirming that Jung Sewoon’s older brother was single, DinDin seemed to be happy with an affirmation of “Oh, okay.

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Jung Sewoon immediately fired off, asking DinDin if he just so happened to be interested in his older brother.

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DinDin’s response was unexpected.

I mean, I could leave it open to possibilities!

— DinDin

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However, there was just one slight problem it seems. As DinDin asked about his age, Jung Sewoon confirmed that his older brother was 31, the same age as DinDin.

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Perhaps age is of matter to the rapper as he expressed doubts about being involved with someone of the same age!

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Regardless of if it was a joke or not, Korean netizens are expressing positive opinions about DinDin’s good sense of humor as well as his open mind. On the other hand, Gomak Mates airs on Seezn and the app is exclusive to the Korean locality.