Rapper DinDin and his mom might just be the cutest mother-son duo around, because his mom can’t stop gushing over how handsome her son is!

dindin 1

DinDin and his mom run a Youtube channel together called Dinga Dinga, where they show fans their strong bond through fun content!

In an episode of Dinga Dinga, DinDin and his mom are walking their dog, when they come across an ad of actor Park Seo Joon in a store window.

din 1.png

This then led to an adorable turn of events, as his mom began to insist that DinDin, with his handsome looks, is like a Park Seo Joon lookalike!

Hey, it’s you. You look like him, Park Seo Joon!

—DinDin’s mom

While DinDin kept denying it, his mother cutely kept insisting that it was true, even claiming that she thought it was her son in that shop window!

I thought it was my son

—DinDin’s mom

DinDin then hilariously accused his mom of trying to get anti-fans to come for him!

DinDin: What you’re saying is ridiculous. Why are you trying to make anti-fans!

Mom: Why would I make anti-fans for my son?


They share such a cute bond!

din 2.png

You can watch the whole episode here!