Director Cho Hyun Hoon has released an official apology after admitting to sexually harassing a female director in 2013.

On April 27, Cine21 reported that Cho Hyun Hoon had sexually harassed a female director at a film festival afterparty. According to the report, he was intoxicated and touched the breasts of the female director sitting across from him. The female director explained, “I couldn’t make a sound. He was out of it and had a faraway look in his eye.” She also revealed that Cho Hyun Hoo had tried to contact her multiple times to apologize, but she didn’t believe he was being sincere as he had tried to apologize without fully knowing what he had done to her.

Following the report, Cho Hyun Hoon took to social media and posted an official apology. He stated, “First, I want to sincerely apologize to the victim who has been suffering because of me.”

He went on to state, “In 2013, I attended an afterparty of the Indie Forum and got intoxicated to the point where I blacked out, and I was informed by someone else who was at the event that I had done something bad to the victim. I tried to contract her the next day to apologize, and tried once again this year, but I belatedly realized that my attempts to contact her could be a source of pressure and pain for the victim. Looking back, I was not being considerate. And I am very sorry.”

The director concluded by stating, “From now on, I will halt all official activities and work, and take time to reflect on my actions. I would like to once again sincerely apologize to the victim.”

Cho Hyun Hoon is known for directing the 2016 film “Jane” and was nominated for Best New Director and Best Screenplay at the 26th Buil Film Awards, as well as Best New Director at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Director’s Cut Awards, and Baeksang Arts Awards.

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