With JTBC’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” recently ending on a high, the drama’s director, Lee Hyung Min, sat down to talk about working on the drama.

Confessing that he had a feeling that the drama would do well, but never thought it would do as well as it did, Lee Hyung Min expressed his gratitude towards the main couple, Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik.

While talking about the praise the duo received for their chemistry and acting, he said, “I’m so grateful to both of them. I’m not trying to play favorites, but I’m especially grateful to Park Bo Young. I hope that ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ becomes a memorable production in her filmography. For Park Hyung Sik, I hope the drama was a valuable experience that helps him on his path to showing who he truly is as an actor.”

Lee Hyung Min also spoke of how the actors kept the atmosphere on set lively. He stated, “Park Hyung Sik had so much fun and told me it was a new experience for him. Though it’s hard to always discuss a scene before filming it, Park Hyung Sik made sure to go over everything he wanted to. I told him to try everything he wanted to do for any given scene. I told him to say and do anything that he felt his character would do, and he told me that was a new experience for him.”

The director also added, “Kim Won Hae said he enjoyed his time on set. Jeon Suk Ho and Shim Hye Jin did so well too. Shim Hye Jin always did her best and had a lot of fun, and it made me happy to see that translate well when we were editing the drama. I hope it was a fun memory for everyone involved.”

To commemorate the end of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” why not rewatch the series again?

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