AKMU‘s Suhyun recently shared a video of herself covering the Aladdin song, “Speechless” and it received a lot of praise for how beautiful it sounded.

Along with the video, Suhyun also expressed, “As a fan of Disney, I enjoyed watching Aladdin more than anyone. I especially teared up during this scene. I did my best to stay loyal to the emotions and vibe of the original version.


And as soon as the cover was uploaded, it truly blew up for impressive singing ability and gorgeous voice quality.


The positive comments included “Disney, take Suhyun and make her the lead already“, “I’m getting goosebumps“, and “Please cover the other songs of the movie as well“.


But the most surprising comment of all was made by Disney themselves. They recently commented, “Beautiful cover” under the video and surprised many fans.

When Disney comments on a Disney song cover, that must really mean something.