Despite their beautiful visuals and immense talents, their handwriting isn’t that great.

1. Dongwoo (INFINITE)


infinite dongwoo handwriting

Dispatch can barely recognize what is being written, even asking “Can you recognize what it says?”

2. Suzy


suzy handwriting

People were surprised to see Suzy‘s handwriting, with many expecting her to have beautiful penmanship. The caption states, “Surprising writing that isn’t what you expect.”

3. Yugyeom (GOT7)

got7 yugyeom

yugyeom handwriting

Although his handwriting isn’t the best, Dispatch makes sure not to make the idol feel bad by saying “It’s okay, Yugyeom!”

4. Hongbin (VIXX)

vixx hongbin

vixx hongbin handwriting

This VIXX member definitely has a unique handwriting, with Dispatch saying, “A very obviously Hongbin handwriting.”