Dispatch has acquired and released a year’s worth of chat logs between Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun showing the progression of their marriage, from sweet love to bitter divide. The chat logs showed that their marriage was no different from any other couple. They were in love, the fought, reconciled, and then slowly drifted apart. Koreaboo has translated all of the text messages showcasing their love and hate.


The following messages from 1 year ago show Goo Hye Sun (GHS) and Ahn Jae Hyun (AJH) in their honeymoon phase, back when they were full of love for each other.

September 1, 2018

GHS: Honey, I’m going to sleep. I love you. You worked hard, babe.

AJH: I’m not a baby. I just finished ㅜㅜ I love you too honey. I’ll call you in the morning.

GHS: I love you.

AJH: I love you. Honey.

September 10, 2018

AJH: (After sending a picture of the sky) You’re as pretty as this picture.

GHS: I saw it. It’s pretty.

AJH: How pretty. Honey, are you eating meat?

GHS: Yep. I love you, honey.

AJH: I love you too. I’m going over now.

September 28, 2018

GHS: Honey, I’m sorry

AJH: What are you sorry for?

GHS: I’m sorry for getting angry.

AJH: Hehehe It’s okay. Don’t be sorry.


However just one month later, their messages slowly started getting more hostile towards each other.

October 23, 2018


GHS: Didn’t you remember that my mother is coming over this evening?

AJH: I’m sorry. What should I do? I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.

AJH: It’s raining and the weather is terrible. My heart also feels like the weather. I’m sorry. You don’t want to see me so should I give the thing to XX?


Several months later, Goo Hye Sun was very curt and short with Ahn Jae Hyun after he brought a director from HB Entertainment to their shared house in Yongin, because they were causing a lot of noise late at night.

March 22, 2019

dispatch 2

GHS: When you move out, please change the apartment so that it is in my name. So no one else can come over. Please.

AJH: What are you talking about?

GHS: It’s in your name so you are just bringing over people whenever you want. Please change it to my name~.

AJH: When is it like that? I called him for tomorrow’s drama (filming). I wanted to talk with him more.

GHS: It’s 3 am.

AJH: Just how low do you think of me to be acting like this? We live together. Isn’t that right?

GHS: Think about changing your stance on this, and text me.

AJH: Why are you ignoring my stance?

GHS: Lets not message each other about this since there is nothing more to say. Don’t reply. I’m going to sleep.


On April 30, 2019, Ahn Jae Hyun was out drinking with several staff members.

April 30, 2019

GHS: I don’t feel good. It’s 1 am and it’s natural to say that you’re drinking.

GHS: Am I a reasonable person? Don’t ignore me.

AJH: I’m sorry honey. We are all drinking together right now. I’m sorry.

AJH: I didn’t drink too much. I’m sober right now. I’m sorry.

GHS: When you come home, you need to clean up all of the food waste in the kitchen, the trash on the veranda, and the separate the trash by the shoe closet.

AJH: Got it.


Just 2 weeks later, Goo Hye Sun sent Ahn Jae Hyun messages hinting that she was lonely. Ahn Jae Hyun was busy away from home, fulfilling his various schedules.

May 12, 2019

dispatch 3

GHS: After thinking about it a lot, I don’t think this is the right way to live. My heart is also waning.

GHS: I was thinking about what to do with Anju (pet cat). I will take him.

GHS: First of all, I’m sorry I have a lot of painting stuff in the house. I think it’s better to just repay the money for it.

GHS: Anyway, I think I feel the same as you about this.

AJH: I understand. Thank you for taking care of Anju.

On week later, a similar conversation took place.

May 19, 2019

AJH: Hey honey.

GHS: Yeah. Honey.

GHS: I’m sad and lonely

AJH: I’m sorry

GHS: What are you sorry for?

AJH: I’m sorry for many things.

GHS: Is it because you are sorry you don’t love me anymore.

GHS: It’s so hopeless. Goodbye. I hope you meet someone nice.


Goo Hye Sun expressed her loneliness. Sometimes she was irritated with him. But that was her “pulling” his strings. Similar patterns were seen in their text messages between May and July of 2019. July 1 is also in question, as it is Ahn Jae Hyun’s birthday. She revealed on her now deleted Instagram post some of his actions on his birthday.

He told me that he wanted to eat beef-radish soup for his birthday, so I woke up at dawn to make it for him. But he only took a few bites and didn’t finish it. Instead, he left to go outside and have a birthday party with other people. Watching that, I realized that his love for me was far gone.

When I asked him what I did wrong, he would say that I wasn’t sexy. My husband told me that he wanted to divorce me because my nipples weren’t sexy. Even while we were together, he became bored with our marriage and would fall asleep while watching YouTube videos that only men who were bored with their marriage would listen to…

— Goo Hye Sun

Dispatch has obtained and revealed the text messages from what happened on July 1.

dispatch 4

AJH: The beef-radish soup was delicious. Thank you.

GHS: No problem~ Happy birthday.

AJH: Thank you. It really was delicious.

GHS: That’s right. I’ll give you a lot of it after your diet is over.

AJH: Okay~

Goo Hye Sun prepared his birthday meal since dawn. Ahn Jae Hyun enjoyed his meal, but it was unable to be deciphered from text messages whether he ate just a few bites, or the whole bowl. Up until 1 pm that day, there were no issues, until she saw a clip of his surprise birthday party around 2 pm. She blew up over text.

GHS: So you were late last night because you were out with your stylist drinking and shaking your butt and having fun.

GHS: And when you came home, you were so desperate to get a divorce. It’s so off-putting, really. Why did you even come home then?

GHS: It’s such a shame for my hands, who were busy since the morning making your beef-radish soup.

GHS: You want a divorce because my nipples are not sexy when you are pinching them? If you want to live with respect, start respecting your wife first.

AJH: That video was from today.

GHS: I felt like I got neurosis when you said you wanted a divorce.

AJH: I went to get clothes fitted and I got a party there.

GHS: You’re being so blunt with me. If you’re going to be like that, why did you come home? It was more exciting there.

AJH: Sigh…

AJH: I’m sorry I’m different at home compared to outside.

AJH: I’m at a reading right now. Let’s talk later.

Ahn Jae Hyun later tried to call Goo Hye Sun, but she refused to answer his call.


Later that night, the two continued their conversation that began in the afternoon.

dispatch 5

GHS: Can we text?

AJH: No I won’t.

GHS: Why?

GHS: Why are you saying you won’t text after you said you were sorry for being different at home compared to outside? It’s more uncomfortable to speak on the phone right now.

GHS: I’m not comfortable speaking on the phone.

AJH: The reading is done, and we already ate. Now we are going out for Round 2 for drinks.

GHS: I put up with you singing a song about divorce as soon as you came back yesterday and filling yourself up with the soup I made in the morning. Because it was your birthday.

GHS: And then I saw the video of you and exploded.

GHS: You drank with them yesterday. Right?

AJH: Yes. I had a meal with the staff. I wasn’t able to eat lunch because of work. So I ate dinner with them.

GHS: So that’s why you came home drunk and ordered me to cut you watermelon.

GHS: I cut myself with the knife but you pretended not to know, and then begged for a divorce cause you said I wasn’t sexy.

AJH: Your words are all just from your point of view.

GHS: My point of view? I’m telling you the truth. What did I do wrong?

GHS: What did I do wrong? I’m curious.

AJH: I ordered you to cut watermelon?

GHS: Yeah. Cut this. I did.

AJH: Honey, If you hate me, just say you hate me.

AJH: What order, really. I’m not the kind of person that you’ll hear orders from.

AJH: I laughed and talked with you. Then I gave an order?

AJH: Ah it’s different, different. I don’t know what to say.

AJH: It’s a bit much to hear something like this on your birthday.

AJH: You didn’t even pick up the phone, what story do you want to hear, what apology do you want to receive?

GHS: I heard you wanted to get divorced on your birthday?

AJH: It was supposed to be your birthday?

GHS: No. Yours. XXX (omitted)


Goo Hye Sun began posting screenshots of her text messages with Ahn Jae Hyun on her own Instagram starting on August 18. She has claimed things such as “he said she wasn’t sexy“, “talking with other women while drunk“, and “not spending time at home”.

Nearly everything known about their divorce scandal has been released through Goo Hye Sun’s point of view. A forensics search of Ahn Jae Hyun’s phones revealed no special conversations with other women. No texts were revealed to have questioned his relationship. However, Goo Hye Sun revealed that Ahn Jae Hyun has changed his phone 3 times in 2019 alone, and that he cheated on her.


There was also the issue of “loss of trust”. Starting on July 11, 2019, the idea of trust was being brought up in their text messages.

July 11, 2019

dispatch 7

GHS: Yesterday, you said you went to Dongbaek in Yongin.

GHS: Besides Kyuhyun, who else did you meet?

AJH: We met around dinnertime.

GHS: Are we really a couple? This is too much.

GHS: I was considerate for you to stay in Cheongdam-dong so you could act well, but if you’re going to live however you want, come back home.

GHS: And in the future, tell me the truth about where you are going. Through text.

GHS: When are you going to be back? Decide a time.

GHS: And I hate that you go you your stylist’s house without your manager.

GHS: I’d like it if you don’t go there.

AJH: Okay. I get it.

GHS: After packing, come back next Monday.

GHS: Why aren’t you responding?

AJH: I’m thinking right now.

GHS: This is why I’ve lost trust. How many times is it now? And you’re just thinking still?

GHS: This is a situation where I can’t respect your opinion.

GHS: My wish was for you to act well but if you live like this there is no meaning to my actions, I hope you understand this.

GHS: So when will you be back?

GHS: Did you share these messages with XX?

AJH: Why would I share them?

GHS: Exactly, so don’t do things that can cause misunderstandings.

GHS: When will you be back?

GHS: Why do I have to keep waiting for a reply? Can’t you reply faster?

AJH: I want to stay here longer.

GHS: You can’t do that. If you’re going to keep living like this.

GHS: You’ve already lost faith in me.

AJH: I’ll stay here until the end of the drama.

GHS: Can you change your behavior then?

AJH: What behavior?

GHS: Text me what you are doing and who you are with from the moment you wake up until you sleep.

AJH: I understand. Okay.

GHS: Focus on your acting and let me know about things because I am feeling nervous.

AJH: I understand. Okay.

GHS: Why aren’t you saying anything?

AJH: I’m just reading the script right now.

GHS: Who are you with?

AJH: I’m in Cheongdam by myself.

GHS: You said you would tell me if you went somewhere else.

AJH: I got here earlier. When you texted me earlier.

GHS: Don’t forget to text me.

GHS: This is because I can’t trust you anymore. I hope you do your best.

AJH: Okay I got it.


One week later, they talked more in depth about their possible divorce.

July 19, 2019

GHS: Honey.

AJH: Yeah?

GHS: What changed about you? Is it because of me? Where did my kindhearted and cute honey go?

AJH: Are you drinking?

GHS: No. Just chilling. We had fun together.

AJH: I thought you were drinking.

GHS: You must have been unhappy. Where did the frivolous dork go. Where did the gentleness go. Where did the one who was good to me go.

AJH: You must have been depressed when we lived in Yongin.


Continuing on their conversation on July 19, 2019, Goo Hye Sun’s messages revealed she still had feelings for Ahn Jae Hyun, but his feelings had changed.

dispatch 8

GHS: Honey. We were happy. You were depressed because of your own personal relationships.

AJH: I don’t know about it either.

GHS: I was so hurt. My heart. I can’t forget that feeling.

AJH: That’s right. You were hurt too.

GHS: I cried so much, my heart was broken. Is that why you changed?

AJH: I can’t find a reason.

GHS: You’re too far away now. The one who loved me is not there anymore. I don’t know what to do.

GHS: Give me money. I’m going to be independent. Live comfortably on your own.

AJH: I’ll give you the money. It’s your dream.

GHS: After I wrap up things with the house, I’ll live in Yangpyeong. You can invite people to your apartment and live freely.


Another week later, on July 25, 2019, Goo Hye Sun told Ahn Jae Hyun she wouldn’t get divorced from him.

July 25, 2019

dispatch 9

GHS: I don’t want to get divorced.

AJH: I want to get divorced.

GHS: Have you made up your mind?

AJH: Yeah

GHS: Give me 100 million KRW.

AJH: Okay.

GHS: Honey. Why did you change? Let’s do our best together.

AJH: I think that will be difficult. Sorry.

GHS: I don’t think so. I’m sorry. A divorce can’t be done alone.

AJH: Divorce me.

GHS: I can’t as long as my father is alive. I’m sorry. Let’s just live like others.

GHS: I’ll live in an apartment until my house is built. I’m fine living outside.

GHS: My father is the most important person to me. More than my own life. So I can’t get a divorce.

GHS: And the interior. The Yongin interior. Wages for housework. The wedding expenses. Donation fees. Give it all back to me.

AJH: I’ll give it all back.

GHS: Thank you.

AJH: All…


Goo Hye Sun had one more condition for Ahn Jae Hyun. She wanted the apartment itself.

dispatch 10

GHS: Then will you give me the apartment? Make your own money and buy a new one.

AJH: I don’t have enough money yet.

GHS: You can earn more. You said you would give me everything? You said you will give me everything if we divorce?

AJH: I don’t have money.

GHS: Give it all. I’ll divorce you when my father passes away.

GHS: Did you think divorce was that easy? You immature person.

GHS: Marriage is real. You can’t just do what you want. That’s why I married you without dating you (for long).

GHS: We are not regular citizens. Get your sense straight, man. It’s not like dumping a girlfriend. I don’t want a divorce.

GHS: It’s fine if I just keep living in this house like it is. So you need to wake up a bit.

GHS: You live your life. And don’t do anything rash or hasty in my life.

GHS: What’s worse is because the reason for you wanting a divorce is cause of your change of heart, the divorce process is harder. I’m not going to divorce you. Remember that.

GHS: Find a lawyer. One that will tell the same story as me. I already have one. You don’t even have to call or text me. Just like this. Live. Bye~


3 days later, Goo Hye Sun changed her mind, agreeing to a divorce.

July 28, 2019

dispatch 11

GHS: Let’s talk about the divorce. Call me. I’ve changed my mind. I’ve made up my mind. So call me.

AJH: I’ll call you when I get home. I’m going somewhere.

GHS: Okay. Ignore all of the comments I made when I was angry or drunk. I am very thankful for you, very sorry, and I loved you. I’ll clear up the house as fast as I can. Thank you for being in my life.

AJH: I also loved you a lot. Don’t overdo it on the house.

GHS: No, it will take a week. I’ll clear it up quickly. Then I will feel more relaxed. I feel like a widow here.

AJH: Move out whenever it is convenient for you.

GHS: Okay. I’ll do it as you say. I respect your decision. The rest is left up to me. I can do it well. Cheer up.

AJH: You too, Cheer up! Thank you.


The next day, they moved one step closer towards a divorce, discussing how much money she would receive.

July 29, 2019

GHS: First, you should clear up the idea that “Ahn Jae Hyun wanted a divorce because he was bored.” And you have to give me alimony because I didn’t want the divorce. It will be hard for me to make a comeback for a while. How much money are you thinking?

GHS: I want you to know the reason. I should tell you the truth.

GHS: It’s been said that me getting my next job will be difficult, but on the contrary, the divorce itself won’t bring me work either. Who would want me to work for them?

GHS: Wedding contribution costs ₩30 million KRW

Wedding meals ₩1.5 million KRW

Geumho-dong Apartment interior ₩28 million KRW

Yongin Apartment interior ₩8 million KRW

Geumho-dong Apartment interior ₩10 million KRW

Housework ₩29.2 million KRW

GHS: We were married for 3 years. I will only calculate 2 years of housework at ₩40,000 KRW an hour. It includes taking care of the cats and other administrative costs. Furniture purchases, living expenses, and food. I’ve excluded eating out. I also excluded mom’s washing machine, the fridge, and the air conditioner. The total comes to ₩106.7 million KRW, but minus the ₩20 million KRW I borrowed, it will be ₩86.7 million KRW.

GHS: When will I get the money?

AJH: I’ll give it to you tomorrow.

GHS: Okay

AJH: I understand. That’s the most money I can give you.

GHS: Okay. I’ll have my things sorted and leave on August 5. Leave Anju.

AJH: Where are you going?

GHS: Who knows? It doesn’t matter anymore.

AJH: I’m sorry, I understand.

GHS: It doesn’t matter because I’m upset about all the bad news. I will clear it up with “The marriage was a precious and thankful time.”

AJH: … Okay

GHS:  Be happy. Don’t be sad. Be brave. You need to be happy.

AJH: You fool… I’m sorry.

GHS: What are you sorry for? I am the one who is sorry.

AJH: Can you make a house?

GHS: A house… I should make one.

GHS: It must have been hard dealing with me leaving the house. I’m sorry.

AJH: My bank account is in the minus. It can go more into the minus, do you want ₩100 million KRW?

GHS: I would like for you to be happy. You are even more of a fool. That’s what. It’s okay…

AJH: It hurts… I’m sorry.

GHS: Me too. It hurts.

AJH: I couldn’t be mature. I’m sorry.

GHS: Me too. I’m sorry I’m introverted. My heart hurts so much ㅠ I thought I could get you to come back if I did well. I waited and waited, but you didn’t come…

AJH: Yeah… We had a lot of good memories, but there were also a lot of painful memories, so I listened to your songs. Be happy.


But then, everything went back to square one, with both sides showering each other with insults, including “leave the house naked.”

GHS: I’m not getting a divorce.

AJH: Why did you change your mind? I don’t want to feel depressed anymore. I want a divorce.

GHS: You have always been depressed. It’s not because of me. The life you have been living is one of depression. It’s not something I made.

GHS: I’m not getting a divorce. I will always live out my life.

AJH: I’m the one who is depressed, I don’t want you to be the one responsible for it.

GHS: But I keep hearing that it is my fault. Get over your depression.

AJH: Just let me go instead. I will live alone


One week later, their fight continued.

August 7, 2019

dispatch 12

GHS: Give me the house.

AJH: I already gave you ₩90 million KRW.

GHS: You had a change of heart, get out and leave naked.

AJH: I earned the money because I worked hard. Don’t you think this is too much? Does it look like I am full of cash?

GHS: ₩90 million KRW is what was added to your assets. Don’t you think you’re being too much?

AJH: I am already minus ₩130 million KRW.

GHS: A divorced person still can look well off around the entire country. Get out of here, naked.

AJH: Even if I sell the Yongin house, I’m in the red.

GHS: Then earn more.

AJH: What are you trying to do?

GHS: You ruined my life so I am going to take everything I can.

AJH: So you are going to ruin my life.

GHS: Who are you to ruin my life?

AJH: Don’t give me all of the reasons.

GHS: What is this. What did I do? Did you clean the house? I didn’t hear a single word about working hard taking care of the house.

AJH: You got paid for your housework. You demanded that I pay you for it. Why are you saying this.

GHS: It doesn’t matter that I’m a normal citizen. I was paid for my work, not a divorce. Why get a divorce? I’m out of the house now, so just go out and live your life. I don’t want to be a divorcee.

AJH: I want you to be comfortable with the pets so I left.

GHS: Thanks.

AJH: And that’s not enough, so you want a house?

GHS: You said you wanted to focus on acting.

GHS: Give me the house.

AJH: Of course. How will you focus there?

GHS: How will you pay me back for my loss of honor?

AJH: Why would you lose your honor?

GHS: Because of the divorce.

AJH: What does getting a divorce and losing honor have to do with each other?

GHS: Are we normal citizens? We are people who live on honor.

GHS: We are people who live off of the three letters of our name. Why are you so immature?

AJH: Does a divorce make you disappear? I’m getting divorced too, yet you don’t say anything about my honor.

GHS: It was your choice for a divorce. I’m the person being harmed here. What will you do when I can’t work in the future? The divorce was your choice, so live your own life with your choice. I am the the victim, so give me the house.


GHS: There’s nothing unfair about this, I feel like I am responsible for the talk of the whole country, I feel so ashamed for showing these true colors.


Finally, a conversation between Ahn Jae Hyun and HB Entertainment CEO Moon Bo Mi (MBM) was revealed by Dispatch, showing that he talked with the CEO about his divorce situation.

August 9, 2019

dispatch 6

MBM: 3 days ago, you kept entering your home with Goo Hye Sun… why?

AJH: I was going to take Anju with me.

AJH: The door password was changed. That day, she opened the door.

MBM: I heard you went to the apartment before the password was changed? Let’s have a drink.

AJH: What are you saying? (Taking Anju) was the first time I went back there. Ah, another strange thing was said…

MBM: It was either the day before or 2 days before you took Anju.

AJH: I haven’t gone back except to drop off my stuff.

MBM: I’ve heard you went around 10 times. That’s why I’m annoyed hearing about this.

AJH: The password was changed, how would I get in!

MBM: Huh?

AJH: I did not go there. Besides leaving my stuff.

MBM: The password changed because of that day when you went home after drinking.

AJH: I didn’t go back besides the one time I went to take Anju.

MBM: ㅠ

AJH: What kind of nonsense is that. I’ve always been with a manager

– Omitted –

MBM: Here is a copy of what Goo Hye Sun sent me.

CEO. I’m sorry to be sending you this while you’re in a meeting. The meeting with that friend wasn’t just for a meal, but also to arrange XXX event, sit next to him on the train, adjusting his flight schedules, and they exchange Kakao messages everyday. I just heard this from a staff unnie. It’s 100% real. It would be nice if you were careful about this because everyone is misunderstanding the situation. I’m very sorry something like this happened, CEO. I’ll work hard. So the company’s image doesn’t get damaged. I’ll think about this more carefully and contact you again.

MBM: I’ve been told to believe that you keep eating with her.

AJH: I’ve never been on the plane with her.

MBM: Train?

AJH: On the train, a person that helped with the work was there momentarily, then I went back to my seat.

AJH: I sat separately. I was sitting with Kang Joon.