Welcome to another round of the HWAITING games, where the odds are never in anyone’s favor!


In Episode 5 of this new K-Pop game showTeam Red (BTOB‘s PenielLadies’ Code‘s Ashley, and f(x)‘s Amber) competed against Team Blue (KARD‘s BMJimin Park, and DAY6‘s Jae ) in a round of “flip cup”.


This team drinking game is commonly played by college students. In it, players must drain beer from a plastic cup, then flip the cup onto its brim without knocking the cup over. Instead of alcohol, the HWAITING cast filled cups with lemon juice, Coca-Cola, and…kkanari (fish sauce).


Flipping the cups was hard enough, but drinking that nasty blend of beverages? Ashley (aka Team Red’s slowest drinker) sums it up best:

Peniel may have cheated to even the odds…

…but in the end, after stomaching those drinks, nobody was really a winner.

Find out who received penalties, and more in Episode 5 of HWAITING: